List of Tunes:

1. Brostugan 3:29 Trad.
2. Den där 5:07 Henrik Eriksson
Karl XII vals 3:13 Trad.
4. Kjoltyg 5:12 Peter Rousu & Henrik Eriksson
5. Färka-Lasse 4:39 Olle Bohm
6. Schottismarsch / Magstudsaren 4:18 Henrik Eriksson
A-mollpolska 3:49 Trad.
8. Mysrys 5:49 Henrik Eriksson
9. Bohlinpolska 3:10 Trad.
10. Elviran 2:33 Olle Bohm
11. Brännvinspolska 2:23 Trad.
12. Månkarbopolketten 5:56 Peter Rousu
13. Vått 3:06 Peter Rousu & Henrik Eriksson

total play time 50:46

The Swedish trio FATANG plays traditional folk music from the province of Uppland as well as their own new compositions. Their mix of key fiddle (nyckelharpa), modern electric bass / guitar, and an exotic variety of percussion makes for an exciting sound with limitless possibilities. Their intense and imaginative music is full of magical resonance and inviting dance rhythms.

Peter Rousu—electric bass & guitar

Olle Bohm—percussion

Henrik Eriksson—nyckelharpa


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