List of Tunes:

1. Vals från Ärentuna (A-dur) 2:00 Trad.
2. Gås-Anders lillpolska 2:18 Trad.
3. Dödens vals 2:42 Trad.
Bohlins brudpolska 2:09 Trad.
5. Leipzigs krigsmarsch 2:16 Trad.
6. Pinnt orpafrun 1:56 Trad.
7. Västanmadspolska 2:35 Trad.
8. Tobogubben 2:29 Trad.
9. Hellstedts brudmarsch 3:15 Trad.
10. Styfbergspolska 2:24 Trad.
11. Ceylonpolkett 2:11 Trad.
12. Hårgalåten 3:25 Trad.
13. Rapp-Kalles vals 2:56 Trad.
14. Marsch från Haranguer 3:18 Trad.
15. Petter i Alas polska 2:30 Trad.
16. Skomakarvalsen 2:59 Trad.
17. G-dur polska 1:54 Trad.
18. Tyska polskan 2:27 Trad.
19. Näcken och Sko-Ella 2:47 Trad.
20. Vallåt från Ärentuna (D-dur) 2:12 Trad.

total play time 50:43

Although this is first and foremost a recording for all you folks who already have an understanding of Swedish folk music, I think others new to this sound can have an enjoyable experience listening to it as well. All the tunes are traditional Uppland tunes for fiddle, nyckelharpa or clarinet, with the exception of Hårgalåten which is from Hälsingland, and Hardangermarschen which is Norwegian. These are, quite simply, tunes that I like very much. I think the contrabass complements the nyckelharpa beautifully, enhancing the depth and breadth of each tune. I hope you agree. Enjoy.

—(Puma, from the liner notes)

Peter Puma Hedlund—nyckelharpa

Bosse Nordenfelt—contrabass


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